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As well as the family connections in the web sites already mentioned, my sister Emma Rhodes has a web site - she and my mother Margaret are both artists, and Emma's site has examples of their work. Margaret's page is here.

Untended Blog

A Blog by Mr P. A. Rhodes... seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bread and Cakes

Unfortunately I am not a baker. If you're looking for a baker, try Paul Rhodes Bakery. They make very nice bread and cakes and stuff.

Some ZX Spectrum stuff I wrote a long time ago:

The only program I had 'published' (and if you're out there Mr Malik, you still owe me royalties for this!) is the surprisingly widely used Jet Set Editor. You can even try it out on line by following this link, courtesy of Read the Instructions first, though, otherwise you won't get far. I also had some stuff published in Your Computer magazine, including:

Some other programs (Character Print, Fast Circles, Inbetweener, and Windows) don't appear to have found their way online. Fast Circles was incorporated in Draw, so is no great loss. I'd like to get hold of the others again - although perhaps not quite enough to bother typing Character Print in! Windows was only released on YC's short lived cover tapes, and I don't know if I've even got it on tape any more. Inbetweener formed the basis of a Spectrum-animated title sequence for the last episode of Channel 4's "4 Computer Buffs" series - I didn't even remember it being published, but it's on the The Type Fantastic's index of type-ins from Your Computer.

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